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This website is for informational purposes about risk management with articles curated by Marika Tolz.  You can find more information about Marika on the About Page, or head over to the Blog Page for industry articles about Risk Management.

Who is it for?

This website and blog is created for anyone who is trying to learn more about the topic of risk management. Whether you are in business, or trying to manage assets, you will find a wealth of information here regarding the topic of risk management managed by Ms. Tolz. If you would like more information about Marika, click the About tab, or check our blog archives for articles on risk management.

Marika Tolz

marika tolz

Hollywood, Florida Businesswoman

Ms. Tolz has worked as an operations manager in the medical industry and is currently an office manager for a law firm.  Marika has spent time working as a federal trustee where she oversaw bankruptcy proceedings and she also has a history of success in commercial real estate.

Learn About Risk Management

When working in business or dealing in assets, it is important to manage risk accordingly.  With risk management, we evaluate all the risks involved and balance them in order to minimize the chance that a negative occurrence happens while maximizing positive opportunities.  Click on our Blog Page to see articles about Risk Management.  Marika has many years experience working with managing risk in business, and she has utilized these still through many years of business throughout a variety of industries

Importance of Minimizing Risk

It is important to minimize risk when you are working in finance or developing a strategy to allocate assets while lowering the probability of negative outcomes.  Marika has used risk management strategies throughout her career including both during her time as a federal trustee and her years working in commercial real estate.  If you need help with risk management click the link below to contact Marika.


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